Eminent Domain

H2 Advisors is one of only a few CPA firms in Florida that specialize in eminent domain.

Our team will work closely with you throughout the process and offer our expert advice every step of the way.

When your business has been damaged or destroyed by a condemnation suit filed by a condemning authority, we can help you evaluate the monetary damages and help your attorney get you the maximum award and benefits.

We Listen

Our approach is to work closely and collaboratively with you, your attorney and other experts on your team to get your case settled or to testify our results to a jury at trial.

We Work With The System

We start early and accept the risks for work performed in advance of the Notice to Business Owner. Our fees are paid pursuant to Sections 73.091 and 73.092.

We Communicate

We know a twelve-person jury trial is the end game. Our team spends the time and effort necessary to communicate our opinions and the trial themes in uncomplicated language the jurors will understand.

We Stay on Schedule

We work with you to establish reasonable deadlines— and we deliver on time.

Follow Up

We won’t quit when the verdict comes in. We will help your clients navigate through the complex tax consequences resulting from the compensation awarded.

Tax planning with the advice of an eminent domain expert during the process may reduce or even eliminate the tax costs altogether.

Taxation of the award is subject to IRS statutes and regulations. Depending on how the award for the condemned property is distributed, you may avoid taxation of the income.


Take your business to the next level when you partner with H2 Advisors.