Whether you’re a small business or a large, multi-million dollar operation, H2 Advisors is the ideal firm to deliver accounting guidance, review and support.


We provide comprehensive tax planning and preparation for individuals and businesses with our team of experienced tax specialists.


Your business is our business. Our experienced Certified Valuation Analysts provide valuable insight into the valuation process.


We work with you to determine and leverage your greatest strengths to take advantage of strategic opportunities in the marketplace.


Our firm has an integrated and collaborative approach to help you and your business navigate any challenge or opportunity.

Fraud Inspection

We detect and investigate fraudulent activity. We install control processes and educate you to help prevent fraud from derailing your business.

CFO Services

We provide all the essential services of a full time CFO at a reduced cost to you and your business.

Eminent Domain

We analyze the business damage impact from eminent domain takings.